Finding talent in multifamily is tough. acriHR® Source handles the hard part.

acriHR® Source will advertise your position, source talent, sort and qualify applicants – all in a flash and under budget.

Ready to recruit new talent fast without breaking the bank?

You get the best of both worlds: Technology that screens and ranks candidates based on your hiring criteria and a dedicated recruiter. It’s time to start hiring smarter.

Better Candidates

With a pre-qualified talent pool, you’ll get better candidates, ready for face-to-face interviews.



More Insight

Visibility matters. The real-time dashboard lets you see candidates move through the application process.


    Time + Cost Savings

    Inefficient processes drag you down—acriHR® Source reduces legwork and streamlines your hiring workflow.

    Tech to help you hire smarter.

    Leveraging the power of intelligent automation, acriHR® Source makes it easier to find the best fit for your position.


    • Optimized job descriptions with automatic distribution to the best job boards
    • Automatic application collection and pre-qualification
    • Custom report creation to help you stay in the know
    • And Source scales to fit the needs of any organization

    Get to Know acriHR® Source.

    Powerful features that drive results for multifamily hiring.


    Job Description Optimization


    Personality + Cognitive Assessments


    Dedicated Recruiter


    Simple Automatic Job Description


    Innovative Video Interviewing


    Automated Prescreening Tools

    People-powered results backed by a dedicated recruiter.

    Wouldn’t it be great to have your own recruiting assistant? Get help when you need it and take advantage of our recruiting insights to move the hiring process forward.

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